Tutoring Corner for the Bar Bat Mitzvah Student

Want to motivate your child to study for her bat mitzvah in a positive, upbeat way? Check out this school psychologist's list of best practices.

Take these bar mitzvah tutoring tips from the country's top Torah tutors.

Learn how to help a procrastinator.

Here's another technique to help make other specific changes in your child's preparation habits. Learn about the the technique of behavior modification called performance coaching.

Check out our resources for writing your D'Var Torah/ speech.

Making studying convenient and stress-free is half the battle. If your child is already surgically attached to her iPod, why not load her Torah portion into it? Here's how to load your child's tutoring tape into an iPod. Calling all technophobes!

Even if your child's having a fall bar mitzvah, he can still go to sleepaway camp over the summer. Turns out, there's a slew of Jewish summer camps that offer bar bat mitzvah tutoring. Brilliant! The Foundation for Jewish Camping is your one-stop resource.