Bat Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas for a Winter Theme Bar Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Projects
Collect warm coats, gloves and hats for the homeless or needy in your neighborhood or city. If there's no organization in your area currently doing this, start a drive of your own!


"Blue Jacket with Snowflake on White Card"

"Snowflake Motif with Ribbon"

"Snowflake in Pearl"

"Winter Wonderland"


Here's an adorable winter/ skiing theme invitation stamp, exclusive from eMitz. Note the snow resting on every letter and the snowflakes separating the date. You can customize this stamp any way you like by changing the words, colors, even rearranging the snowflakes!

Place Cards

wire snowflake place card holders

Centerpieces & Tabletop Decor
Snowflake Gleam N Burst Centerpiece Each

Favors & Giveaways

Winter theme cookies

Other Decor
2' Shimmering Snowflakes White Set/3

4' Shimmering Snowflakes White Set/3

12" Cracked Ice Snowflake Silver

Large Standing Snowflakes Set/3

Snowflake Photo Setting<

When Professional Party Planners' Use This Theme...
At a recent winter-themed party in Florida, a well-known event planner parked models in sparkling white costumes on platforms on either side of the venue entrance. Guests walked to the cocktail reception passing steps lined with iridescent puffs of "snow" that glittered with blue string lighting hidden underneath while faux icicles hung from the ceiling. Giant mobiles hung from the ceiling that were made of blue crystal, light-refracting orbs. A 10-foot-long ice sculpture housed raw fish appetizers. Meanwhile, a Dutch woman, pegged the Champagne Lady from Holland, hung upside down from a special chandelier as she poured pouring champagne into guests' glasses. Inside the ballroom, four aerialists were dressed as snow angels near 12 (!) snow machines and 20 white trees. Lit images of snowflakes in various hues were projected on walls covered in white chiffon. Tables were done in white and silver. Clear plates sported silver beaded trim.