Ideas for Planning Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Party with a Tikkun Olam Theme

Since Tikkun Olam translates into "repairing the world" -- one of Judaism's highest values -- why not take some tips from a recent celebration held in Hollywood, Florida. Ignore, if you will, the fact that the party celebrated the beginning of construction on a new luxury condo -- and that one of the project owners is Donald Trump. We heard about this "construction chic" theme and knew it was full of ideas just perfect for a Tikkun Olam theme. What you'll see below are some ideas from the Trump party plus many more of our own. By the way, this party theme isn't just for boys; there's a burgeoning trend of women getting involved in home repair.

Related Mitzvah Project

Volunteer your time or raise money for an organization that works to repair the world, such as the Sierra Club or Habitat for Humanity. Many charities also have tikkun-olam related projects; watch their videos now on the eMitz TV channel!


Invitations that feature skylines of the buildings of Jerusalem. See them at the eMitz's Mitz Mall for bar bat mitzvah invitations


Have the bus driver wear a hard hat.

Place cards

Affix name tags to small hammers (but not if you've got a crew of rowdy kids on the guest list!)

Centerpiece and Tabletop Ideas

  • An orange construction zone cone topped by a floral arrangement or exuberant spray of tropical leaves

  • A tall, elegant glass cylinder filled with colorful items being donated to a tikkun-olam-oriented charity after the party

  • Use photographs of people, places or things associated with construction to create Photofetti, the fun, stylish, personalized "photo confetti" you sprinkle across the table. Click here to visit Photofetti.


  • Decorate the place card table or entryway with orange cones and shovels.

  • Write out each guest's name on small squares of wood or paint chip samples.

  • Bartenders and waiters can serve cups and napkins or hors d'oeuvres from new tool boxes

  • Chair fabric: Dress with Caution tape

  • Lighting: Think about orange accents (a la Home Depot?)

  • Other: Trussing (aka metal rigging frames) around the entry way; bright yellow caution tape across the food stations;

  • Band and/or wait staff in hard hats, construction boots, tool belts


    Use orange construction/traffic cones for the Coke and Pepsi or other games.


    Instead of lighting a candle for different sets of close friends and relatives, have people at each table light candles for each item on your list. The list for a Tikkun Olam theme could include 13 ways guests can repair the world or 13 real people who have made great strides in repairing the world.

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