Bar Bat Mitzvah Theme Party Ideas for a Mitzvah Project Theme


Noah A sophisticated flat card, in hues of cream and dark blazer blue, that incorporates the famous Talmudic passage: "Whoever saves a single life is as if one saves the entire world." A terrific, appropriate invitation to use for simchas whose theme is a mitzvah project that echoes this sentiment.

Your Act of Tzedakah Send a beautiful invitation that notifies your guests you're donating in their honor to the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. Families that select this specially designed invitation agree to make a tax-deductible contribution of $5 per invitation to the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous (JFR).


Create a your own U.S. postage stamp featuring a photo or image of a person, place or thing associated with your mitzvah project through the eMitz Stamp Shop.

Mitzvah Projects

To find a mitzvah project you'll love, click here

Party Venue

In some cities, you can find a party venue owned by a charity or non-profit organization where part of the rental fees are considered donations to that group. For instance, a group called Pure Project, in New York City, donates part of the rental fees on its space to charities of the host's choice. Rental fees for The Prince George Ballroom, also in New York, supports Common Ground, a social service organization.


Instead of -- or in addition to -- lighting candles for people at your party, light them for 13 ways people can support your mitzvah project, or 13 people who've done great deeds, or 13 mitzvahs everyone can do.

Centerpieces & Tabletop Decor

Let's say your mitzvah project is donating kids' books to an impoverished village in Peru. Your centerpieces can be baskets filled with kids books in Spanish. You can invite guests to bring one with them to the party.

If you're doing a computers or technology theme, you can make make centerpieces that are towers or sculptures made of computer items. You can let guests know in advance that they can contribute to your effort by bringing items such as computer mouse pads, small packages of burnable CDs or reams of printer paper and leaving them in specially marked baskets atthe synagogue or reception.

You can do the same with a sports theme by artfully arranging scultpures or baskets of balls and other small pieces of sports equipment, using them as table centerpieces which you donate to one or more kids’ homeless shelters after the event. As an added bonus, you can also ask guests to bring a piece of sports equipment to the party and place on a specially designated table.

View a slideshow of mitzvah project centerpieces from a recent bat mitzvah.

Decorate with items printed by, requested by, created by or used by the organization you've chosen to help. For instance, if your project involves Yad LaKashish, the Israeli handcrafts center for impoverished elderly, place a hand-made item on each place setting as a gift. If the project involves the ASPCA, for instance, create centerpieces out of tall glass cylinders artfully filled with colorful dog leashes, chew toys, etc. you're donating after the party. Create visually aesthetic sculptures or arrangements of books, new toys or canned and boxed food you plan to donate to a shelter or food pantry after the party.

Instead of one large floral arrangement per table, use several smaller ones that can be distributed to a nursing home, hospital or shelter.

Use photographs of people, places or things associated with your mitzvah project to create Photofetti, the fun, stylish, personalized "photo confetti" you sprinkle across the table. Click here to visit Photofetti.

Favors & Giveaways

Instead of handing out generic plastic trinkets on the dancefloor, order personalized favors imprinted with the logo and website of the organization you're supporting. This way, people can take them home, learn more and get involved!

In order to motivate kids to get up and dance, some DJs give out faux dollar bills featuring the tween's photo and name (such as "Michael Bucks" or "Lindsey Bucks"). The money can then be redeemed for prizes. Instead, have your DJ create Mitzvah Money and tell the kids that for every bill collected at the end of the night, your tween will donate that amount to his mitzvah project.

Other Decor

Decorate with enlarged or even panoramic photos of people, places or things related to your mitzvah project. For instance, blow up beautiful photos of abandoned horses you're working to rescue, or the smiling faces of the elderly or children at an Israeli community center you're supporting. Trying to raise money to help cure a disease or support a medical institution? Blow up cool, color-saturated photos of cells under a microscope.