Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas for Computer and Technology Themes

Computer theme invitation

Mitzvah Projects
Raise money to buy computer equipment and/or supplies for a needy organization

Donate your time teaching the elderly to use computers

Place Cards
Using gold metallic pens, write each guest's name on a blank CD -- or even a CD of music or computer games.

Centerpieces & Tabletop Decor
Fill tall glass cylinders with well-designed computer-related items like colorful mousepads, mice, cables, shiny blank CDs, etc.

Use photographs of computers, computer items, famous computer geeks(!), titles of popular computer games, even your child's online game avatars to create Photofetti, the fun, stylish, personalized "photo confetti" you sprinkle across the table. Click here to visit Photofetti.

Favors & Dancefloor Giveaways
iTunes gift certificates in various denominations

Computer mousepads that can be personalized with photos taken at the party

Gift certificates (in small denominations, of course!) to a computer/ videogame store

"Green screen" video booth
Virtual reality games