Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Candy and Soda Theme Ideas

Mitzvah Project Ideas
Tie your theme into a mitzvah project by donating to the needy in a country where cocoa or sugar cane is produced.

Do you have a favorite candy? Perhaps there's a way you can improve the lives of the workers in the factory that produces it. Maybe a scholarship or a contribution of books or toys to the factory day care center. Lots of sweet possibilities!

Centerpiece Ideas
Floral designer Julie Mulligan, from 1-800-Flowers, gets candy-theme bat and bar mitzvahs right with this bright, fun arrangement called "Tulips & Jelly Beans." And, yes, the jelly beans are edible! $60. Incidentally, this item is not available when tulips are out of season.

Here's another idea: artfully hot-glue large boxes of candy into sculptures, making each table dedicated to a different brand.

Or, fill tall glass columns with candy, a different variety for each table. You can leave the column open or top it with a floral or balloon centerpiece. To enhance the elegance, surround by lit votives in a variety of colors.

Simply fill a square glass with jelly beans and punctuate with tall candy on sticks, as shown here.

Postage Stamp Ideas
Use eMitz's exclusive candy-themed bat mitzvah stamp with your invitation. You can customize it any way you like! Here's a sweet, colorful candy-striped bat mitzvah stamp to consider, too! It's designed to match nearly any invitation.

Placecard Ideas
Print out each guest's name on a tag which you ribbon tie around an actual bar, box or piece of candy. (Don't use chocolate on hot days, as it may melt.)

Assign each guest to a table named after a different candy. Affix or ribbon tie a tag or sticker showing the name of the candy on the placecard.

Entertainment and Activities
Entertainment: Hire a candy artist. Find someone in your area at our vendor quick search. Look under Games and Activities, then refine your search for "Candy Artist."

Entertainment: Rent a cart to dispense candy, jelly beans, or cotton candy.

Game: The Coke and Pepsi game, of course!

The obvious choice here for favors are personalized candy bars and wrappers.

Let guests create their own take-home favor at the end of the party by placing, next to the exit, a table with small bags or Chinese take-out boxes, scoopers and an appealing selection of brightly colored candy in large glass containers. Don't forget a sign inviting guests to help themselves.

Mini gumball slot machines

Mint tin

Dancefloor Giveaways and Prizes
Stuffed pillows and T-shirts featuring names of candies

Personalized M&M's. Also, if your name begins with the letter M, you're in luck! There's an enormous line of M&M items that feature your first initial, including charms, towels, flip flops, hats and more.