Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas for Books and Reading Themes

Mitzvah Projects
Collect books for needy children, the elderly or the homeless
Volunteer to tutor elementary school children struggling to learn to read

Read books into audiotapes for the blind

Volunteer to help organize or clean a needy organization's library

Invites with Torah scroll motifs

Stamps of great authors

Centerpieces and Tabletop Decor
Sculptures made of books to be donated

Baskets of books to be donated

Tables named after various authors. Incorporate images from their best known books, or of their best known characters, into the centerpieces. Be creative!

Use photographs of authors and books to create Photofetti, the fun, stylish, personalized "photo confetti" you sprinkle across the table. Click here to visit Photofetti.

Favors & Giveaways
Gift certificates to bookstores

Books or blank journals

Dan Hurley, The Ten-Second Novelist (He's based in NJ)