Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas for an Animal Theme

Mitzvah Projects

Volunteer for a horse rescue charity such as,,,, or the US Equine Rescue League at


Make a real postage stamp of you with your favorite horse at the eMitz Stamp Shop.

Place Cards
Affix each guest's name to a chocolate horseshoe wrapped in clear cellophane

Affix each guest's name to a horseshoe that's been wrapped in ribbon. Apparently, these are traditional party favors in England

Centerpiece Ideas

Instead of or along with flowers, use a live-plant topiary of a horse.

Insert a small sculpture of a carousel horse into the top of each floral centerpiece

Ask a local artist, art teacher or art student to create a sculpture for each table using horseshoes or an assortment of riding paraphernalia such as velvet riding caps, riding crops, miniature saddles, etc.

Name each table after a different famous horse, such as Secretariat, Seabiscuit, National Velvet, Pegasus, Mr. Ed, Silver, etc.

Name each table after a famous horse bloodline, race, show, farm or jockey

Name each table after a different book, painting or movie about horses

Tabletop Decor

Napkin holders: shiny metal horseshoes wrapping around each napkin

Sprinkle Photofetti on the table using photographs of horses your child has taken or, better yet, photos of your child with horses taken during the course of her life. Click here to visit Photofetti.

Favors & Dancefloor Giveaways

Prizes for contests can look like ribbons awarded at horse shows

If your budget is sky-high, drape an Hermes scarf, featuring the company's equine logo, Pegasus, across each female adult guest's chair

Entertainment and Activities

Game: Play limbo using riding crops instead of sticks

Game: Play Coke and Pepsi but with a twist -- everyone must run from side to side wearing large leather riding boots

Game: Horse race casino games

Game: Horse shoe toss

Game: Hurdle jumping using low hurdles similar to those in horse competitions

Game: For an outdoor space, have kids or adults play human chess where everyone must move like a horse

Game: For an outdoor or larger indoor space, put the quest in equestrian with a scavenger hunt for horse-related items

Entertainment: Bobble heads where photos of guests' faces are placed on jockey's -- or horses! -- bodies

Entertainment: Have guests' photos taken in front of backdrops of famous stables or shows like the Kentucky Derby or Hampton Classic

Entertainment: For an outdoor space, hire horses and riders to do a demonstration

Entertainment: Hire a candy artist to create elaborate horse lollipops

Entertainment: Have a henna artist create henna horse designs on guests' skin

Entertainment: Have a hair stylist French braid girls' hair as is often done for horses' manes and tails for horse shows

Entertainment: Hire the Young Hoofers, a tap dance troupe

Other Decor

Select a color motif for your affair by picking the riding silk colors of your favorite stable, barn or jockey.

Have waiters wear velvet riding caps, English riding top hats or jodphurs
Use panoramic photos horses to decorate the sign-in board area or place card table. The photos can be printed on canvas, are available from three to nine-feet long, and can be taken home after the party or, better yet, given out as dancefloor prizes. Learn more