Bar Bat Mitzvah Themes: Tacky or Terrific?

We know it can be tricky to bring a party theme to life, converting broad design concepts into concrete objects such as centerpieces and favors. Even trickier, though, can be deciding whether the specifics you're considering are terrific and inspired or tacky and over-the-top. How to know? Take a look at these actual, recent B Mitzvah themes and see what you think. Did the hosts cross the line? Or simply show style and flair? You can vote, see what your fellow MitzvahMavens think, even write your own comments on the polling page!

The Wizard of Oz
This party, thrown in honor of a child who adores the Wizard of Oz, included live dwarves greeting guests as they dropped off their cars with the valet parkers. The dwarves later participated in a dance performance. Take home party favors included boxes of Dunkin' Donut Munchkins. Tacky or terrific? Click here to vote and see the results.

A "Fanta-sea" Bar Mitzvah
For a boy who loved fishing and sailing, this ocean-themed party included a woman, dressed as a mermaid, wearing just a fishtail and shell bra, lying across the bar. Tacky or terrific? Click here to vote and see the results.

A Winter Wonderland Bat Mitzvah
At this bat mitzvah, fake snow fell from the ceiling of a hotel ballroom that had been decorated to look like a ski lodge. The DJ, hired dancers and waiters all wore ski instructor outfits embroidered with a logo custom designed for the affair. Several actual ski instructors, who had worked with the family, were flown in and invited to light one of the 13 candles. Guest favors included down vests and water bottles with the logo, along with teddy bears, which also wore tiny, logo-ed ski vests. Click here to vote and see the results.

Winter Wonderland II
A second winter-themed bar mitzvah featured two-feet-high ice sculpture centerpieces of the bar mitzvah's child head. Click here to vote and see the results.

Hollywood Themed Party
For a movie-mad child, a dance floor that lit up, a la Saturday Night Fever. Each square of light had a different letter from her name. Click here to vote and see the results.

Wondering where the ideas you're considering for your own event fall? Has your event planner or tween suggested a concept that's giving you sleepless nights? E-mail them to us here and we'll post them on the page for you. All submissions will be posted anonymously, of course!