How to Study for your Bat Bar Mitzvah: See and Hear Your Torah Portion

The World ORT, an international Jewish education charity, runs a terrific website that lets you see and hear every Torah portion. Our favorite feature is that it shows each portion both with and without vowels, helping your child make that challenging transition from chanting with vowels to chanting without.

First thing you need to do is read the left-hand, vertical navigation bar to find the correct Book and Chapter. Then click on the small red megaphone icon to listen.

Know that not all synagogues use the same trope, or notes, but that the pronunciation of the words is always the same.

  • Don't know which reading your child has? Ask her (or her tutor) for the name of the Book and Chapter she's been assigned, then scroll through the English section to find the right place.

  • If your child's portion is, say, Genesis 1:13, which is midway through the First Reading, you need to click on the hard-to-find word "Forward" (found on the far right hand side of the page) to find the correct lines. Clicking on Second Reading will only advance you to Genesis 2.1.

    Visit the ORT site.

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