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  • What's appropriate to wear to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? View answer

  • We are Christian couple invited to a Bat Mitzvah. Is it inappropriate not to attend the morning Torah service and attend only the celebration? If that is rude, how should we conduct ourselves at Temple? View answer
  • My grandson does not attend religious school. Is he able to celebrate a bar-mitzvah at the age of thirteen even though he has no preparation and will not be participating in any service? View answer
  • Can you have a bat mitzvah on a Friday night? View answer
  • Can we have a bar mitzvah on a Sunday or even a weekday? View answer
  • I was raised Jewish but am not religious and didn’t have a Bat Mitzvah. My husband is an atheist. Now, much to our surprise, our daughter, who’s 12, wants a Bat Mitzvah! It’s not about the party, though she’s been to several. I think she’s looking for a way to identify with her something larger than herself, maybe even something spiritual. How should we proceed? View answer
  • Is it true that Judaism considers 13-year-olds men? They still seem so immature! View answer
  • I’m a Jewish adult who never had a bar mitzvah. Am I allowed to have an aliyah? View answer
  • If you don’t read from the Torah or have a party, are you still technically a Bar Mitzvah when you turn 13? View answer
  • Someone told me about a tradition of having a second bar mitzvah when you turn 83. What can you tell me about this? View answer
  • What should I say to my son who just announced that he doesn't believe in God and wonders why he should have a Bar Mitzvah? View answer

  • The party space I've fallen in love with doesn’t have a kosher kitchen. But my husband's relatives won't come to a non-kosher event. What should I do?

  • Is there a way to have only a few kosher meals at the party? I don't think I can afford an all-kosher party.

  • I’m thinking a kosher reception might be a nice touch (and make my parents happy). But how can I find a kosher caterer that’s up to snuff with the upscale, chi-chi caterers many of my guests are familiar with?

  • I don’t keep kosher at home but want our party to reflect Jewish tradition and to respect our many guests who are kosher. How can I tactfully let them know I’m hiring a kosher caterer? It may affect some people’s decision to attend or not.

  • My sister's husband isn't Jewish. Can they both have an aliya?

  • My son can’t come up with the names of any girls he wants to have at his party. Yet, when I ask him if he wants an all-boy party, he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind (which, frankly, I’m on the verge of doing). Help!

  • We can’t come up with any party themes we like. The only thing my son is into these days is computer games. Any suggestions?

  • Our Bar Mitzvah is the last of the season so we’re very anxious about whether the kids are going to go crazy during the party, throwing food, etc. They’ve been to so many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs already and they’re just bored silly, I’m sure. Any advice?

  • I love those slideshows where you see photos of the B Mitzvah child over the course of her life. Should I hire someone to make one and, if so, what should I pay? Or is it easy enough to make one myself?