How to Personalize Your Bar / Bat Mitzvah Project

Searching for a mitzvah project that helps the world and is REALLY you?

Lots of kids have done it! Read this article about three boys who turned their love of dogs into a group mitzvah project.

It's easy to personalize your mitzvah project. Here's how:

  • List 3 activities you love AND are good at doing.

  • List 3 problems in the world that bother you. Or think about 3 kinds of people who might need help.

  • Combine List 1 with List 2. Get creative! Here’s an example:

    Step 1: What I like and I’m good at:

  • Tap dancing

  • Caring for my dog

  • Reading short mysteries

  • IM'ing my friends

  • Step 2: World problems that bother me the most:

  • How boring life is for my grandparents in their nursing home

  • How so many homeless people go hungry

  • That so many Ethiopian immigrants to Israel can’t afford good educations

  • Step 3: My Mitzvah Project Ideas!

  • Start a monthly program where I (and some friends?) tap dance or read some short stories out loud at the nursing home!

  • Start a dog walking service, then donate the money to a charity that helps the homeless or the Ethiopians in Israel

  • Volunteer at a nursing home to teach the residents to use the Internet – so they can IM their grandchildren!

  • Volunteer with my parents at a soup kitchen. Maybe I can also donate some of my used books and start a library at the kitchen, too!

    NEED MORE IDEAS? Here’s another tool! Browse these groups that could really use your help.

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