Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Ceremony / Service - Performance Coaching

Often, parents need an entire toolbox of psychological tricks and techniques to keep their children happy, motivated and stress-free while preparing for the big day. Without it, their relationship with their child as well as their shalom bayit (peace in the house) starts to suffer.

Performance anxiety is perhaps the greatest reason parents need this tool box. Think about it: in addition to facing the challenge of learning a wealth of material in Hebrew, your child has to sing. In a foreign language. In front of everyone he knows!

The articles listed below are chock-full of concrete, specific steps you can take to help your child overcome stage fright or what's called free-floating anxiety. Such issues may also be behind her procrastinating or avoiding studying in the first place. We've checked in with acting coaches, school psychologists and seasoned cantors who've had years of experience coaching kids in just such situations. Best of all, kids who've already become bnai mitzvah share their top tips, too!

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