Bat Bar Mitzvah Party Themes to Avoid

As if Jews weren’t already saddled with unfair stereotypes about our relationship with money, picking this theme certainly doesn’t help. Further, are you sure it’s a message you want to project about your child?

Yes, your child may love to shop, but this is a hobby probably best left to you and your VISA bill. Why broadcast her passion for consumption? Instead, we suggest you look for a theme that reflects deeper interests or values you’ll be proud to celebrate with your family and friends.

Another option is to combine the shopping theme but make it about products sold by Jewish charities. Great examples: Yad LaKashish, an Israeli artisans' co-operative for the elderly, sells a wide range of hand-made items. There are many other similar examples.

We know gambling tables have become popular at B Mitzvahs lately but before picking this theme, consider that gambling is forbidden in the Torah and is behind the skyrocketing number of families declaring bankruptcy each year. What if one of these families is on your guest list? (And, no, you wouldn't necessarily know about it; many people keep such matters secret.)