Bat Bar Mitzvah Party Themes and Ideas

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All the Themes We Could Think Of!
To see a list of more than two dozen themes, each with ideas for invites, centerpieces, decor, mitzvah projects and more, click here.

Party Themes - the good, the bad, the ugly
Doubtless, you've attended or heard about bar mitzvah celebrations with unifying decorative ideas known as party themes. Those most in keeping with the ideals of the bar mitzvah are marvels of creativity, generosity and joy --and spring from the child's loftiest goals and values, like charity.

Many other themes, however, spring from different places - the desire to stand out or be remembered, the fear of being boring, the unconscious need to demonstrate financial security. The results can range from terrific to tacky.

What's a MitzvahMama to do? How can you choose a theme that celebrates the occasion, honors Jewish values and is flat-out fun and gorgeous? Read more...

Tacky or Terrific?
Just for fun, we've compiled a list of some of the most, well, interesting themes we've heard of. Every party described is guaranteed to have actually occurred! You can also weigh in on your thoughts of celebrations that involve hiring celebrities to attend and or perform. Check it out at Tacky or Terrific.

Themes to Think Twice About
Here's a quick list of themes that go beyond even potentially tacky -- they're problematic themes some of your guests may find hurtful or even offensive.