The MitzvahMaven Network

  • First one among your friends to host a bar or bat mitzvah or new to town?

  • Already hosted one or more bar or bat mitzvahs and open to the mitzvah of helping a stranger (but not for long) navigate and survive her own simcha?

  • Sounds like the MitzvahMaven Support Network is for you!

    What's the MitzvahMaven Network?
    Simply a group of parents who've already hosted a bar or bat mitzvah matched with those who haven't. It's different from our Discussion Forum in that we pair up people based on their branch of Judaisim and zip code. You communicate by e-mail and then, if you so choose, by phone. For first timers, it's like joining a sorority and being assigned a Big Sister -- or enrolling in a new school and being assigned a buddy. Someone you can count on to guide you. For MitzvahMavens, it's like taking a warm pie to the home of a brand-new neighbor on your street; you're offering warmth, the personal touch, the wonderful possibility of friendship.

    So join today! After all, as we like to say, it takes a shtetl.

    How to join
    Fill out the form below. Under "Profile" tell us
    1. How many bar or bat mitzvahs you have hosted
    2. Your zip code
    3. Your branch of Judaism (Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist or Humanistic)
    4. Anything else you'd like to add!

    This way, we can match first-timers with MitzvahMavens who both live nearby and belong to the same branch of Judaism.

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    Q: What are my responsiblities if I'm matched with a first-timer?
    A: How you chose to participate in the MitzvahMaven Network is up to you. There aren't any assigned or formal responsibilties. You're simply doing another family the mitzvah of sharing your insights and advice.

    Q: I'm a nervous first timer with a million questions. How can I be sure I'm not pestering my MitzvahMaven?
    A: has been designed to answer nearly every question and help solve nearly every B Mitzvah-related conundrum you can think of. So do your homework first -- read the articles, study the vendor reviews and ratings, peruse the discussion forums. Then, once you're better informed (and, no doubt, calmer) you can check in with your MitzvahMaven. This is the best way to take advantage of the one-on-one support she's volunteered to give while being respectful of her limited time.

    Q: I've hosted 2 B Mitzvahs and I'm happy to share my advice. But what if I'm matched with someone I don't care for or someone who's too needy?
    A: It's up to you how close you want to become with your first-timer. We suggest you start out chatting via e-mail. Then, later on, you can decide to exchange phone numbers or not.

    Q: Isn't it better to post my questions and concerns in the Forum, where I'll get replies from lots of people rather than just one?
    A: The discussion forums are fantastic for just that purpose. But the MitzvahMama Network offers something more personal and individually tailored to you.

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