Mitzvah Themes - the Good, The Bad, Etc!

For starters, consider whether this is even a valid question. Many people proudly hold theme-free parties. They still have flowers, balloons, DJs and party games, but they skip the extra step of a layering a theme on top. Theme-free can be every bit as elegant and joyful as themed, and is the way to go if you find themes frivolous, needlessly complicated or you simply don't want your event to be pigeonholed.

On the other hand, your child may beg for a theme. Or you may find them a useful organizing tool that simplifies the task of decorating a room and ordering favors. It can also add sparkle and excitement to your affair. Finally, if you choose a theme that focuses on Jewish values, you may find it does nothing less than bring the meaning of the entire B Mitzvah process to life.