Decisions to Make About Your Party


  • Will there be one?
  • Will the kids be in the same room as the adults during this time? If not, who will supervise the kids' activities? Common choices include assigning or hiring college-age kids or relatives to oversee things; others have the DJ's dancers do it.
  • Do you want a separate sound system for the kids' room?
  • Will games be played with the kids during the cocktail hour?
  • If so, do you want to include a trivia contest about the bar / bat mitzvah celebrant?


  • Will there be a first dance with parents?
  • If yes, what song and artist?
  • Will your party include the performing of a motzi (blessing over challah)? If yes, by whom?
  • Will your party include a candlelighting ceremony?
  • Do you want a hora played? If yes, will the bar/bat mitzvah celebrant be lifted in a chair? Will siblings or parents?

    Once you've settled on the answers to all these questions -- and it may take some time -- be sure to convey them, verbally and in writing, to your DJ/MC and/or band leader as well as your party planner (if you're having one).