Bar Bat Mitzvah Help: "How I Overcame My Stage Fright"

Bar bat mitzvah stage fright is totally normal! Here's how several kids have overcome it:

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Jessie M. - Maryland
I never liked singing in front of people. When I was preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, I didn't even like to sing in front of my tutor! I'd sing really, really quietly and even make sure that the door to her office was closed tight. The only time I would sing well was when I was by myself in my bedroom with the door locked. On the day of my Bat Mitzvah when it was time to read, I started off extremely quiet and shaky. I did not want to sound insecure, though, because I had prepared for too long. So I just took a deep breath and pretended that I was singing by myself in my bedroom. It worked! And everyone said I sounded great.

Michael S. - New York
I think I was the least nervous person out of everybody I've ever met about my bar mitzvah. I just ignored every fear I had and didn't think about them at all.

Joel S. - New York
The important thing to remember is that everyone there wants you to do well so you shouldn't be afraid of them. Everyone sees whatever you do in a positive light. You're not going to be criticized. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. On the other hand, my relatives are still very amused about the giant, dramatic sigh my father let out after finishing his Torah portion -- and that was 40 years ago!

Danny W. - New York
Well, I play a musical instrument so I had performed in front of people before. The first couple of times you're nervous then you get over it and you realize it doesn't matter that people are watching you. As for my Bar Mitzvah, I knew all the people who were going to be there so that helped. If it were going to be all random stangers, it wouldn't matter then because they'd be people who don't matter!