Bar / Bat Mitzvah Projects

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah process is, if nothing else, a time to begin doing good deeds. After all, the word "mitzvah" means commandment in Hebrew. What are we commanded to do? Six hundred and thirteen different acts, to be precise, according to the Torah. But the word also refers to any act of human kindness.

Such acts include helping in soup kitchens, knitting blankets for the homeless, and planting trees in Israel. But these are only a start to the kind of creative mitzvah projects we're seeing these days. And we're seeing a lot. In fact, it's become quite popular for Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebrants to formally combine their ceremony and celebration with charitable projects.

Mitzvah projects are the perfect way to enhance the meaning and relevance of your child’s Bar Mitzvah. A really great project combines the mitzvah of tikkun olam (repair of the world) with your child's specific skills and interests. It can also make the difference between her sleepwalking through the event and truly understanding and feeling it.

Go through these articles together with your child or have him read them alone. We guarantee they'll spark ideas!

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