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So you've been invited to a bar mitzvah. Mazel tov!

Question is, what's an appropriate gift to give? Of course, you can always follow the time-honored tradition of giving the bar or bat mitzvah celebrant a check or savings bond. It's a popular tradition to give an amount that's a multiple of the number 18.

Wondering where the concept comes from? When you take the Hebrew alphabet and assign each letter a numerical value [a=1; b=2], it turns out the word life, or "chai" in Hebrew, equals 18.

How many multiples of 18 you give depends on a variety of factors. For instance, if your child (but neither you nor your spouse) attends or gets invited and does not attend, you can feel comfortable selecting a multiple of 1 to 4, depending on a variety of factors, such as how close your child is to the host, what's standard in your community, your financial situation, etc. On the other hand, if your entire family is attending the affair, a gift of at least $100 is generally considered in good taste though, again, other factors come into play. One New York professional party planner and mother of three gives $300 if her whole family attends a daytime bar or bat mitzvah, $400 if they all attend a night affair. Many others give much less.

Bonds are a great alternative to checks. The benefit is that you spend only, say, $100 but when the child redeems the bond years later its value is doubled. The higher amount is the one that appears on the bond you give, making it look like you spent twice what you actually did! We think Israel bonds make an especially appropriate gift, since they help build and strengthen Israel's economy and infrastructure. Click here to purchase Israel bonds. Check out their Mazel Tov Bonds designed especially for bar and bat mitzvahs. For information on U.S. bonds visit click here.

To take a peek inside an actual gift list, click here.

If you're looking to break out of the box and substitute or supplement a gift of money with something more tangible and personal, check out our great gift ideas. We've scoured the world (or at least the internet version of it) to bring you our highly-edited selection of design-savvy, Judaism-rich bar and bat mitzvah gifts.