Bat Bar Mitzvah Planning: Feeling Dazed and Confused?

Planning a bar or bat mitzvah can be stressful and overwhelming -- and that's if you're an organized person.

If you're busy with your job, or have a mild case of stage fright, hostess anxiety or even adult ADD, forget about it! The lists of must-do's, the worrying about your child's performance, the searching for the perfect outfits, the sorting out of family politics and so on can seem downright debilitating.

It's times like these you start to harbor The Fantasy: hiring an event planner who'll wave her magic wand, transporting you to an overwater bungalow in Bali. You return once she's arranged the B Mitzvah, complete with calm, performance-ready child, stable of wonderful vendors, brilliant, politic seating chart, and, of course, perfect, slimming dress in your closet.

Alas, even the most Mary Poppins-esque of Planners can't make it happen. Nor should they. Because while there's a mind-boggling array of challenges involved in B Mitzvah planning, it can be a miraculous, wonderful, deeply satisfying experience.

Which is where comes in. Every one of our tools and articles is designed to give you the information and services you need to keep you calm, organized and happy. Best of all, it's completely free.

  • Check out our Step-By-Step Planning Guide Like a smart, experienced friend we'll hold your hand the whole way through.

  • You'll also want to print out our indispensable To Do Checklist to keep on your fridge.

  • We've simplified the iffy, time-consuming task of getting vendor recommendations from friends and acquaintances with our Vendor Quick Search. It's our collection of real reviews written by both adults -- and teens! -- who've hosted or attended local B Mitzvahs. We've asked all the smart, directed, detailed questions, then compiled the results so you can instantly find the right vendors you need.

  • Still thinking about that smart, experienced friend we mentioned earlier? She really exists. Check out our MitzvahMaven Support Network.