Candlelighting Solutions

Candlelighting Solution 1
Place 13 votive candles and one long-handled lighter on each table. Have the B Mitzvah child read a list of 13 things that are important, meaningful and related to the B Mitzvah ceremony you've just held. For each item on the list, a guest at each table lights one of the votives, then passes the lighter to his/her neighbor. Examples of lists, some connected to party themes, some not:

  • 13 sports figures and why your child considers them heros

  • 13 mitzvahs your child aims to do in the next year

  • 13 Jewish women of valor

  • 13 great scenes from movies that express Jewish values your child admires

  • 13 children who perished in the Holocaust and how your child hopes to live his life in their honor

  • 13 mitzvahs your child aims to do in the next year

    Candlelighting Solution 2
    Place a penny under one plate at each table and a tall candle in each centerpiece. Have the B Mitzvah child stand at the front of the room with a cake and 13 candles. The child explains that she's lighting a candle in honor of all of her guests, table by table, and asks everyone to turn over their plate. "Whoever found the penny at Table One, please stand." The child then describes what makes the group of guests at that table special to her, what values, Jewish and otherwise, they embody, etc. The child and the person standing from Table 1 then light their respective candles at the same time.

    When you have more than 13 tables, simply add more candles for good luck. When you have fewer than 13 tables, you can ask immediate family members to light the last few alongside the B Mitzvah child.

    Did You Know?
    There's a company that sells a box containing nothing but 8 letter-shaped candles, A, E, T, L, M, O, Z and V. If you can't guess why, click here.

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