Can You Have a Bat Mitzvah on a Friday Night?

We received a very interesting question from one of our readers, Lori, asking:

"Is it ok to have a Friday night bat mitzvah? Also, can it be on the Saturday between the Jewish holidays?"

We put the question to our esteemed cantor, who wishes to remain anonymous, and here's his answer:

"Some more traditional Conservative synagogues used to use only Friday nights for Bat Mitzvah, because a Bat Mitzvah was not to be given the same importance as a Bar Mitzvah. They would do it on Friday night and the girl would read Haftarah and not Torah. We don't know if there are any conservative congregations that still do that. There are some reform congregations that will do a Friday night Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, but that is probably not that common, and traditionally you don't read Torah on Friday night, though some reform congregations do.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah can take place between Jewish holidays."

So now you know!!