Bat Mitzvah Gifts for Girls




Calvin Klein "Geometry" Candlestick Collection. $50 a pair. Learn more.


Bling her doorway with a glittering mezuzah handmade by Israeli artist Eva Arbiv Mishan. A central Lucite tube is festooned with shiny white fabric, sequins, colored stones & appliquèd embroidered designs in rich shades of gold & silver. A removable metal cork that has been fitted with a rubber washer will protect the parchment. $79.95 Learn more

This small brushed stainless steel mirror is surrounded by laser-cut motifs such as the 7 Species of fruit from the Land of Israel, the Hamsa hand and the dove of peace; note the Hebrew word Mazel (for luck) on the bottom. $59.95 More info

This raw silk wall hanging, by famed Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, espouses a timeless (and, alas, timely) wish for peace, making it both a work of art and a political statement. At 18 by 12 inches, its size won't overpower a room; but, with its raw silk appliques, embroidery, fringes made from glass and metal beads, its beauty and message just might. $49.95 More info

Small, artistic, promoting great values, certified products of Israel -- what's not love about these wooden tzedakah boxes? For a musical theater fan, consider the box (left) that features images inspired by "Fiddler on the Roof." Know a child who loves travel or architecture? The box on the right has nearly the complete view of the Old City of Jerusalem. Those who know the Old City well will be able to identify nearly every building or structure from the Holy City. $29.95; $46.95 Learn more