Bat Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces - Ideas and Resources for Your Theme Bat Bar Mitzvah Party Tables

Ahhh, the bar mitzvah centerpiece. How can a few ounces of styrofoam, glitter and Mylar paper be the subject of more nail-biting and head-scratching than almost anything else connected to the bar mitzvah process?

Partly, it's because we think our guests will be staring at our bar mitzvah centerpieces all night long, so they've got to be amazing. Plus, most people have zero experience creating or imagining them. And unlike wedding centerpieces, they have to pass muster with the tween being feted.

You can also consider your table centerpieces as an opportunity to enhance whatever aspect of your event you'd like to focus on, be it your child's Torah portion, mitzvah project or decorative party theme. And by the way, you don't have to choose one or the another; we've seen wonderful centerpieces that manage to combine all three. The good news: we've got lots of ideas and inspiration, whether you're the Queen Esther of DIY projects or just want to browse ideas to hand off to your party planner. We've got how-to videos, too!

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