Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas for a Sports Theme Party

Browse these great ideas for your sports theme bar bat mitzvah party:


Incorporate your favorite team's colors with eMitz's exclusive line of sports bar mitzvah invitations. Shown below, invitations using team colors for the N.J. Nets, the Orlando Magic, the L.A. Lakers (baseketball) and the Washington Redskins (football). View all sports bar mitzvah invitations here. Questions, customer service: 1-888-274-6696.

L.A. Lakers sports basketball bar mitzvah invitation Redskins Football Sports Bar Mitzvah Invitation invitation

Volunteer to teach games or coach sports at an afterschool program

Raise money for sports equipment for the needy in the U.S. or overseas. A homeless shelter or nursing home might appreciate a ping pong table. Kids in a small village in South America might need a shipment of soccer balls. Use your imagination!

Party Venue

If you've got a spring, fall or summer bar bat mitzvah, look through our Vendor Quick Search for a Party Location in your area. Narrow your search results for venues with outdoor space and you've got a great place to set up games in the sport of your choice.

If your theme is golf or boating, see the Vendor Quick Search but refine your party location for private clubs (lots of golf-happy country clubs will come up) or boats and yachts.


Photoshop a picture of your tween with his or her favorite athlete, then have it blown up and mounted on foamcoare.

Match your sign in board to your favorite team's colors! New from Customize with your own text, font, team colors, and sign in board poster size. Order the poster unframed and mount on foamcore or order it framed and remove glass during party for easy signing. Prices below for unframed posters.
15" x 19" $22.85
23" x 29" $32.65
35" x 44" $57.20

Questions, customer service: 1-888-274-6696. Shown below, Washington Redskins Sign In Board Sporty Bar Mitzvah Sign In Board - Redskins print


This personalized basketball logo
, in a retro cool design, can be plastered all over your party favors. Personalized with your name, "bar" or "bat" mitzvah and your party date, it's like your very own team logo.

Personalized basketball logo for boys or girls
who just can't get enough basketball. We personalize it with your name, "bar" or "bat" mitzvah and the date of your big party for a custom logo that looks great on lots of cool favors.

This personalized football logo
can be place on all your party favors. Made to look just like the graphics you'll find at your favorite clothing chains, these sporty block letters look weathered and worn.

Big league logo design for a baseball loving kid! We personalize it with your name and bar mitzvah date and print it on your choice of cool party favors.

This awesome basketball logo can get printed on your favorite favor, personalized with your name, "bar" or "bat" mitzvah and your party date.

A personalized hockey logo this sporty lets your party shoot and scooooore! Customize with your name and Bar Mitzvah date, slap it on your choice of favor, for a party giveaway that won't put you in the penalty box.

This extreme sports logo will hit it big with you and your adrenaline lovin' friends. Add your name, "bar" or "bat" mitzvah and you party date for a design that's all your own.

A fierce football logo made just for you with your name and bar mitzvah date. Have it printed on your favors in a bright, bold color for your sports themed party.

This soccer logo is one soccer-loving girls and guys will be thrilled to wear, or carry a favor with this sporty design. We print it with your name, "bar" or "bat" Mitzvah and your party date so it's one-of-a-kind.

Our skateboard design shows a girl catching some air just like the pros! We personalize it with your name and Bar Mitzvah date, and you choose the imprint color for your one-of-a-kind design.

Personalize this soccer logo. Make your friends feel like part of your very own all star team when you have your favors printed with this action-packed soccer design. Add your name and Bar Mitzvah date, then have it printed in a fun color for a favor your friends will love.

Your surf shop is open for business, and all of your friends are going to love getting a gift printed with your very own surfer logo. This design is personalized with your name and party date, then we print it in your favorite color.




Using ribbon, affix each flat place card to a fun, dancefloor item related to the sport of your choice. If you're making these cards available before the cocktail hour, just be sure the items aren't so big that people will have trouble juggling them along with their drinks and hors d'oeuvres. To avoid this problem, you can situate the place card table just inside the main party room.

Our party shop has a slew of silly, fun tchochkes that help flesh out your sports theme:
Soccer favors

Baseball favors

Basketball favors

Football favors

Golf favors


Fill tall, graceful glass cylinders with a colorful assortment of artistically arranged objects related to your sport. For a baseball theme, for instance, tuck baseballs, a baseball glove, sports cards, etc. inside. To keep things elegant, surround with an arrangement of flowers, balloons, lit votive candles.

Any sport: Use photographs of people, places or things associated with your favorite sport to create Photofetti, the fun, stylish, personalized "photo confetti" you sprinkle across the table. Use lots of photos of your child playing sports over the years, too! Click here to visit Photofetti.

Football: Sprinkle this football-themed metallic confetti across the tables. For more ideas, shop

Glass sailboat tea light holders


Wrapped, sports-theme personalized chocolate bar

Place an official team shirt over the back of each tween (and/or adult) guest's chair. For football: shop

Our party shop has a slew of silly, fun tchochkes that help flesh out your sports theme:
Soccer favors

Baseball favors

Basketball favors

Football favors

Golf favors

Entertainment and Games

Today's party vendors can rent either a hands-on or virtual reality game for nearly every sport: snowboarding, football, bowling, hockey, you name it. (We're still waiting for virtual reality tiddlywinks...) Look in our Vendor Quick Search, under "Games and Activities" to find a local vendor who rents games, then refine your search to find the exact games you want.

For dancefloor games with the DJ, try playing the classic Coke and Pepsi game but add a twist: incorporate a piece of equipment from the sport of your choice. Or do the limbo using hockey sticks or a mock goal post.

Other Decor

Have the waiters and bartenders wear hats or shirts related to the sport of your choice.

Football-themed welcome banners

Baseball banners