Bar Bat Mitzvah in Israel - Planning One On Your Own

Those who are familiar with Israel or have family and friends there may prefer to plan a bar bat mitzvah in Israel themselves. If this sounds like a challenge you'd like to tackle, here are some things to keep in mind:

Two great place to stay in Israel! The Park Plaza Jerusalem and The Yamit Park Plaza in Tel Aviv

  • Celebrating your bar bat mitzvah in Israel entitles your child to a beautiful, frame-worthy certificate from the Israel Ministry of Tourism. It includes your child's name in personalized calligraphy, and is signed by both the Minister of Tourism. If you hold the ceremony in the capital, it's also signed by the Mayor of Jerusalem. Be sure to request the certificate from the Ministry at least 21 days before the ceremony. Click here to view a sample certificate. And here's the form to fill out to order your certificate online.

  • If you're trying to make the arrangements while outside Israel, you can certainly book flights and hotels easily enough online. More challenging may be such logistics as getting permission to hold your ceremony in public locations (in many cases, you need to place a call to Israel) or getting great vendor referrals. A good place to find an Israel-based event planner to help with the little details is

  • If you have enough guests flying to Israel, you may be entitled to group discounts.

  • It is customary for a Bar Mitzvah celebrant to be at least 13 years and one day, according to the Hebrew Calendar, and for a Bat Mitzvah celebrant to be at least 12 years and one day.