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eMitz was founded by a mom seeking information and advice while planning her first child's bar mitzvah. Today, it's the #1 rated bar/bat mitzvah planning and invitations site where you can:

  • Use our free, interactive planning tool you customize with your own event date. To-Do List.

  • Find the highest-rated vendors (such as DJs and caterers) in your area. Read real opinions and ratings written by real families. Both tweens and adults, hosts and guests, are invited to write their own reviews.

  • Browse our comprehensive listings of 13 categories of bar and bat mitzvah vendors. You'll see everyone we could find -- not just those who paid to be listed.

  • Brush up or learn anew all about the meaning, laws and history of the bar/ bat mitzvah process.

  • Learn best practices for motivating, inspiring and understanding your pre-teen. For instance, find out what not to say when your child won't study.

  • Browse and steal scores of bar mitzvah party themes and ideas.

  • Ask all your bar bat mitzvah questions – no matter how touchy, whatever the subject.

  • See our gallery of synagogue and party fashions for yourself, your spouse, and your child.

  • Buy high-quality, low-cost bar and bat mitzvah must-haves, like favors and yarmulkes, all in one efficient, convenient place: the Mitz Mall.

  • Get real-world, real-time support, talk, share tips and advice from a community of like-minded mitzvah parents who share your interests and concerns. After all, it takes a shtetl!

  • Get tips on planning a destination or adventure bar mitzvah – be it in Israel or on top of a mountain.

  • Watch the eMitz TV video channel. What's on? Examples of great video montages, instructionals showing how to put on a tallit, comic relief, DJ auditions and more!

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